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Job Hunting? The One Step to Staying Motivated

Written by Jonathan

Looking for a new job is exciting. It’s a chance to start afresh. There are many positives to finding your next job and starting something new.

But to get there can be challenging. And the only person who is going to get you the job is YOU!

Yes you!

No one else.

And staying motivated can be a real challenge.

You’re in Control

It doesn’t matter if you know someone in your network who can help you. It doesn’t matter if you apply direct or via a recruitment consultant or headhunter.

You are the one in control. You’re the one who has to perform and get the job. And that can be challenging.

Not only do you have to perform at an interview, but you have to stay motivated during the process. But how can you stay motivated, as often things don’t go according to plan.


Here are just some of things that can affect our motivation during a job search:

1. Being rejected for a role that you thought looked good for you.
2. Not hearing back from an interviewer.
3. Being told by a recruitment consultant that they like you, only for it to drag on for a long time.
4. Limited number of jobs available for our skills and experience.
5. Lack of urgency – it takes a long time to get to the next stage.
6. Not getting to the interview stage.
7. Being given positive feedback when the answer is no.
8. Fear of being rejected slows us down from taking action.
9. You’ve got yourself stuck in a rut.
10. You don’t know what to do or where to go next.

It’s a Challenge

It’s challenging. People will tell you:

‘You’ll be ok!’
‘There’s something around the corner!’
‘Keep motivated!’

They’re all great comments, yet they don’t always get us out of the rut we find ourselves in.

I know, I’ve been there and the list above are just some of the feelings I’ve experienced in my search for a new job.

Getting Motivated

So, what can you do?

What I’m about to suggest isn’t something radical or revolutionary. It’s something that I’ve found works for me.

I call it the ‘Next Positive Step’ approach.

It helps by putting me back on the right path to being motivated. I won’t make you any guarantees that you’ll suddenly become completely re-energised, but it will help you. It’ll help make you do something positive when you feel negative. It’s something easy to put into action when you’re feeling not at your best.

Taking Positive Action

It’s all about taking the ‘Next Positive Step’. When you feel unmotivated about your job search, just think what is the Next Positive Step I can take. Then take it!

This might be:

  • Calling an interviewer for an update.
  • Calling or emailing a recruitment consultant for details on latest jobs they are looking after.
  • Searching and applying for a new job.
  • Who in your network can you contact to chat to about possible opportunities.
  • Changing the environment you’re using to apply for new jobs. I used to spend days at my dining table. I got myself into a rut. I then changed my environment by going to a local cafe with my laptop. The change of scene really helped.

Getting Closer

You see, it’s not difficult to put in place. Next time you’re feeling down, feeling unmotivated and stuck in a rut, think what is the Next Positive Step I can take.

Every time that thought comes to mind, think what is the Next Positive Step I can take, then take it!

It’ll help you get one step closer to the right job and a step closer to feeling motivated again.


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This article has been updated since it was originally publishing in January 2015.


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  • Thanks for that kind information…I actually need answer to a interview question which I had faced..still I don’t know how to answer to it.

    “tell me about any interesting topic which we are not aware or we don’t know it”

    • That’s a question I’ve not heard asked before. Here are my initial thoughts.

      1. Is there something you do or interests you that others may not know about?
      2. What makes it interesting?
      3. Why do you do it and what can you tell them that they may not know.

      Hope that helps.