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I’m Jonathan Burston, founder of the Interview Expert Academy. If you’re about to start looking for your first job or a new one, this page is for you!

I’ve put together a list of articles you need to get up to speed quickly and prepared for the job search and interview process.


A formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult and/or evaluate another person.

It’s worth remembering that searching for a new job and interviews are just a process. If you prepare well there should be few surprises.

And that’s exactly what this first article is all about – 5 Key Interview Skills to Master.


How to Handle Interview Nerves

It’s only natural to feel nervous about going into an interview. But allowing our nerves to get the better of us means that we risk it affecting our performance. So learn how to handle yours.
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3 Tips to Instant Confidence

Learn how to gain instant confidence with these 3 simple and easy to apply tips.
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How to Ace your Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are a popular way of screening potential candidates. Use these 11 tips to ace yours.
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How to Think Quickly in Interviews

Have you experienced that moment when you can’t think of an answer to an interview question. It’s happened to us all. These 3 tips will help you avoid that momentary ‘brain freeze’.
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How to Handle Objections in 5 Steps

Objections are part of the interview process.  That’s because an interviewer either wants to test you or because they question your suitability for the role. You can manage objections, here’s 5 tips to help you.
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• A Great Covering Letter in 6 Steps

Create a great covering letter by following these 6 steps – all designed to help you secure an interview.
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• The 7 Laws of Great Resumes

A resume can help you get an interview. Sadly most candidates Resumes look the same – bland and boring. You can use yours to stand out above the competition by following these 7 Laws.
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Tailoring your CV or Resume in 4 Easy Steps

Too many CVs and Resumes are prepared once and then used for every job a candidate applies for. In other words once size fits all. That’s the wrong approach. You need to tailor your CV Resume to improve your chances of an interview. Learn how to tailor yours in 4 steps.
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• Answering Interview Questions – 5 Golden Rules

Learn how to master the art of answering interview questions with these 5 golden rules. Put them into place and you’ll be better prepared for your next interview.
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• 21 Most Common Interview Questions

Most interviewers ask the same interview questions. Here’s 21 of the most common, so that you can prepare for the in advance.
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• 11 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Interviews are a two way process. They are an opportunity to learn more about the interviewer, the role and the organisation. Here’s 11 questions that you can use to ask an interviewer. 11 questions that will make you stand out from the competition.
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