How to Handle Objections in 5 Steps

Objections are part and parcel of interviews. Why? There are two main reasons. Firstly, interviewers want to see how you deal with a knock back and how you overcome it. Secondly, it’s because they have a genuine concern about your suitability for the role. None of us like objections or knock backs.  If we’re not […]


The One Question to Ask at Interviews

It'll give you a real, personal insight into the company

When you get to the point in the interview and the interviewer says, ‘Do you have any questions?’, what do you say? Do you look at your list of well-prepared questions ready to dive in and ask away? Do you ask the first thing that comes into your head? After all you’re good at asking […]


What is your Biggest Weakness?

What is your biggest weakness? This is one of the most popular questions that interviewers ask interviewees. It appears in different ways: What’s your biggest weakness? List three weaknesses What would your friends say negatively about you? What are your key personal development areas? However, they are all basically the same question. They have the […]


The Missing T in the STAR Technique

In my last article, I looked at ‘How to use the Star Technique at Interviews’. The STAR Technique is probably the most popular approach for answering competency or behavioural based interview questions. It’s an extremely useful way of giving structured answers to these types of interview questions. The STAR Technique provides a framework to help […]

Star Technique