19 Ways to Show You’re Not Listening

It was my third attempt. I’d asked Tim the same question three times, but he hadn’t listened to the question. Instead for 6 minutes he’d talked about something that didn’t relate to the question. Jeff, on the other hand, asked me a question and whilst I was answering it, he looked down at his list […]

Listening - Speaker

Do You Close an Interview?

Most interviewees don’t. In fact, in 80% of all the interviews I’ve ever undertaken, interviewees don’t close. It’s an alarming statistic and from my years of interviewing candidates has always surprised and shocked me. What is Closing? What do I mean by closing? It’s that point in the interview when the interviewer is drawing it to […]


How to Handle Objections in 5 Steps

Objections are part and parcel of interviews. Why? There are two main reasons. Firstly, interviewers want to see how you deal with a knock back and how you overcome it. Secondly, it’s because they have a genuine concern about your suitability for the role. None of us like objections or knock backs.  If we’re not […]


How to Ace your Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are becoming more popular as a way of screening potential candidates. They are quick and easy, saving everyone time and money. Telephone interviews are just another part of the interview process. Another part that has to be mastered to ensure you stand out as the right candidate. How do you ensure that you […]

Telephone interview